personal sampler Life XMF-HI

  • Sampling asbestos fibers , inhalable fibers , breathable fibers (crystalline silica) , gas adsorbing in solid phase (by the use of adsorbing vials) & gas adsorbing in liquid phase (by the use of impingers)
  • Operative range: 50cc/min - 5 lit/min (with captator on the line)
  • Digital set of the flow without the necessity of an external flowmeter (precision better than 2%)
  • Electronic adjustment and measure of the flow thanks to the extremely precise and reliable MASS FLOW sensor
  • Constant flow with automatic compensation of load losses
  • Warning light to signal the "flow out of range of 5%”
  • Recording of the sampled volume, alarms and temperatures (initial, final and average)
  • Possibility to set the barometric pressure and reference temperature to execute the calculations of the normalized flow.
  • Possibility to display on the LCD the stored data (sampling time, flow, cumulative volume, time, battery state)
  • Possibility to record up to 10 flow calibration curves
  • Possibility to set and save the user/operator identification
  • Powered by battery which allows a high autonomy and without memory effect
  • Autonomy greater than 8 (*) hours with MCE filter 25mm - 0,8 um to 3 lit/min
  • Battery charger integrated in the instrument with POWER/CHARGE function
  • Data memory (150 samplings)
  • USB host port to download data on a pen drive
  • Dimension : 135 mm x 82 mm x 56 mm
  • Weight : 650 gram







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