LIFETEK 55 sampler

  • Normal Operating range: 1 lit/min - 50 lit/min
  • Volumetric counter with +/- 2% max error
  • Electronic system for automatic compensation of the load losses
  • Digital vacuum meter to measure the loss of load of the sampling line
  • Setting of the flow through keyboard
  • Digital flow control (no flow meters required)
  • Temperature and sampled flow display and recording
  • Alarms signalling, control and recording.
  • Calculation in compliance with UNI 10169 and EN 13284-1 standards
  • Constant flow environmental sampling
  • Semi-automatic isokinetic sampling with manual entry of the duct parameters
  • Automatic isokinetic sampling with parameter detection through ISOCHECK series elaborator and constant update of the suction flow according to the variation of the speed of the flues
  • Memory for sampling data storage
  • RS232 interface for PC stored data download
  • Interface with ISOCHECK series elaborators for automatic isokinetic sampling
  • power supply : 220 Volt
  • capability of work with external 24 Volt battery
  • Dimensions  : 280 mm x 300 mm x 270 mm
  • weight : 11 kg







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