High Volume Sampler X1-HORNET
  • possible to use a filter holder for membrane of Ø 150 mm to sample total dust (TSP) with a maximum constant flow of 500 l/min.
  • In alternative, using a filter holder for membrane with Ø 102 mm complete of glass cartridge for PUF/XAD2, it's possible to sample IPA, dioxins and furans in gaseous phase and particulate with a flow between 200 and 280 l/min.
  • equipped with a 4 stages blower of 60 m3/h
  • ensures the continuous operation of the instrument for prolonged times by brushless motor
  • The flow meter used is a Venturi type and is made in accordance with ISO 5167.
  • The electronic system to adjust the flow rate allows the real-time update of the sampling flow and ensures a constant volumetric flow rate in the sampling zone. It also guarantees a constant sampling flow with automatic compensation of the load losses.
  • The instrument is equipped with a keyboard and a large backlit LCD display for easy programming and management of the sampling data.
  • The setting of the digital flow is done by the use of the keyboard (range 100 ÷ 600 l/min).
  • Registration and detection by dedicated sensors for temperature and ambient pressure.
  • Permanent memory for storing data for sampling.
  • Backup Battery to restart the sampler in case of power failure including the record of the event.
  • Management and reporting of anomalies, pauses, and power shortage. These events are recorded in the memory and can be signaled via SMS with the optional GSM modem (SIM card not included)
  • RS232 interface for communication and download of data to PC (is possible to use a "terminal" software compatible with Windows).
  • USB Host Interface for downloading data on pendrive (also while the sampling is in progress).
  • It's possible to equip the sampler with sensors for the detection of meteorological parameters (wind speed and direction, humidity, etc.) or to interface it with an existing weather station acquiring their values.
  • It's available a stand made of aluminium for installation of the instrument on field.



  • Noise level: LW inferior to 28 Db (A) at 8 m
  • Operating conditions: -5°C ÷ +45°C 95% UR
  • Dimensions and weight: 240 x 980 x 380 mm - 15Kg
  • Power supply: 230Vac – 50Hz







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