Sequential System for Dust LIFETEK PMS
  •  compact and easy to carry
  • can be used in external environment thanks to the cabinet where the entire system is stored
  • otherwise it can be placed in a mobile laboratory providing to the instrument the special adapter for the sampling head.
  • made of materials that grant suitable protection against atmospheric agents.
  •  has an autonomy of 16 filter for filter changes which combined with the automatic flow control, allows the continuous monitoring without the supervision of a technician
  • offer the possibility to change the exposed filters without interrupting the sampling in progress.
  • The ventilation system of the sampling tube guarantees a temperature difference lower that 5 °C between the filter and the sampling point with an ambient temperature greater or equal than 20 °C (UNI EN 12341:2014 - point 5.1.4).
  • The straight path of the aspiration tube and the separation of the filter storage from internal or radiant heating sources allows to gather and keep intact samples.
  • The entire system has been designed with the goal of eliminating all the possible causes of jamming filters during the loading operations.
  • The pump works on the effective power needed to sample and to at the maximum of its capabilities so it grants a longer duration of the palette greatly affecting the maintenance costs.
  • The pump also is completely soundproof; this allow to install the instrument in residential area where it's fundamental to have a low background noise not to disturb during the night hours.
  • The sampling system is supplied with a GSM modem to remotely manage sampling and alarms by the use of SMS.
  • A conditioning and thermoregulated heating system allows to use the system in extreme environment conditions with compromising the electronical parts.
  • The instrument id supplied with a Peltier conditioning system which allows the storage of the sampled filters at a controlled temperature inferior than 23°C (UNI EN 12341:2014 - point 5.1.8).
  • It's also possible (optional) to supply the sequential system with sensors for the measurement of meteorological parameters (wind speed and direction, humidity, etc.) or connect it with an existing weather station to acquire its parameters.
  • The modularity of the sampling heads allows to use the system even with USEPA 40, CFR Part 50 heads.
  • The instrument can also be supplied with an optional interface to connect an external electro valves system (SELECT 8) for sampling total dust (TSP) with an autonomy of 8 or 16 filters.
  • The instrument is supplied with a complete testing report.


  • Quick connection to the sampling heads.Constant flow with automatic loss compensation of the load losses. In case of elevated pressure drop on the filter the system allows to continue the sampling in progress moving to the next filter and recording the event.
  • Electronic system for the regulation of the flow which allows real time updates of the flow itself which grant a constant flow of 2,3 m3/h in the sampling zone where the granulometric separation occurs in such way to maintain constant air speed at the entrance of the fractionator.
  • The loaders are made to protect the filters from dust and sunlight.
  • The system guarantees a leakage inferior to 1% of the set nominal flow.
  • Settings of the digital flow by the use of the keyboard.
  • Recording and measuring by dedicated temperature sensors (ambient, sampling filter, stored filters, dry gas meter) and pressure sensors (ambient and load loss on the sampling line).
  • Memory to store all the sampling data.
  • Backup battery to restart the unit in case of power loss and recording of the event.
  • Environment sampling at constant scope: TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 in compliance with European and American regulation.
  • RS232 interface for the communication and download of the data on a PC (it's possible to use a console software compatible with Windows).
  • USB host interface for the data download on a pen drive (even during the sampling).







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